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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Sukhi is amazing. Our most recent shoot at UBC was only my third time meeting her (the last time being almost one year ago) – but I always leave our sessions feeling absolutely motivated to tackle anything. I say this because she looks at the bright side of any situation and is constantly pushing herself to achieve dreams that many would say is impossible. She has already accomplished so much, and is about to pursue some even bigger goals (Ivy League, Olympics, Orchestra, etc!), but she still tells herself “imagine what I can do if I worked even harder”.

On the date of our shoot, Sukhi was attending a charity gala in the evening, so we met up to take some shots of her in her formal wear. Everything about her is beautiful, from her gorgeous gown to her stunning personality. Sukhi has a kind spirit and passion to help those in need, as well as strong leadership skills – the perfect characteristics for a future doctor!

We made a joke that we should have shoots every year – and honestly I would love it because I am so excited to see where life takes her.


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