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Sarah is my long time friend who is running her second half-marathon today! Doing a total of 3 half-marathons total in 60 days (yes, 60!), Sarah is fundraising to provide Paraguayan women with training and micro-loans to start their own businesses and achieve financial independence.

She ran the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon earlier this month, is running the Oak Bay Half Marathon today, and will be part of the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon in June!

Sarah is raising money for Global Aid Network Canada in support of Diaconia ADP in Paraguay. They run a micro-enterprise program where they provide microcredits and training programs to impoverished women. These women are given vocational training, financial literacy training, community development, etc. Once they graduate, they receive a micro-loan to start their business, setting them on the path to financial freedom.

$192 will support a woman for one loan cycle (three months). It usually takes about four loan cycles (total of $786) for her to start a business, earn money, pay off loans, start a savings and become financially independent. Once she pays off her loans, this money is cycled back and loaned to a new woman to finance her business.

Sarah is hoping to raise enough money to provide 5 women with start-up loans – $1,000 total.

You can help Sarah reach her goal by donating here.


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