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Ashley and Sam are another couple that I’ve known since high school. I met up with Ashley for the first time since graduation about two months before their engagement shoot and it was soooo great catching up with her. Ashley is just a joy to be around and I’m honestly so stoked to shoot their wedding next year!

For our shoot in Langley, Ashley and Sam brought along their dog Digby! He’s a giant teddy bear and I’m so glad that we were able to include him in a couple shots. The three of them make the perfect family.

Let me just say that Ashley, Sam (and Digby) are all incredibly good looking. They are so photogenic that the shoot was a breeze. Ashley and I were even able to take a few solo shots, which you guys can check out in a future blog post.

I am ecstatic about Ashley and Sam’s upcoming wedding and wish them the absolute best.


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