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From June 30 to July 5, Lineth will be representing Canada in the 2014 International Junior Miss pageant held in Virginia. Winning the title of International Miss 2014 has been Lineth’s dream in the making for years. From there she hopes to dip her toes in the entertainment industry and go into office for politics.

Lineth has such an ambitious and welcoming personality! It’s clear that she will accomplish great things because she has the motivation to do so.

This quote from our recent interview is a perfect example of not only her drive but her maturity as well:

“The essence of life is growth, and for me growth is working on my talents and abilities to serve others. I am willing to go through any adversity to reach my dreams because without struggles there will never be any progress.  I have failed my way to success, and I am glad I did as it produced the character that I currently have where limits like fears for me are often just an illusion.”

I wish Lineth all the best in the next few weeks! Make sure to follow her during the pageant on her Facebook page.



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