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Melissa is nothing short of awesome. She teaches at 4 dance studios across the lower mainland (including PraiseTEAM). In addition to that, she is also part of ProjectSOUL, a company that travels to schools across BC that promotes the fine arts through Hip Hop. Plus, just last Thursday she performed at the CFL awards! After rescheduling a few times because of the weather, we were finally able to meet up in Fort Langley. I feel like everyone that I meet from PraiseTEAM is just SO SWEET. Melissa is so kind and funny that I felt like I wasn’t even working at all when we were shooting. And while she’s so cheerful, she still manages to pull off incredibly fierce looks. This girl is amazing and on top of all that, she is working towards become a high school teacher! I am in awe of her and admire her for all that she does for the community!

Big thanks to Arielle for coaching Melissa during the shoot!


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